Steal this 7-Figure “Money Magazine” content strategy


When Laura Goldstein was laid off from Money Magazine, she found an unlikely place to channel her journalistic powers.

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When Laura Goldstein was laid off from Money Magazine, she found an unlikely place to channel her journalistic powers.

She was introduced to Saatva, a mattress company that, at the time, had zero content marketing presence. 

Without any previous marketing experience, she relied on her journalism skills to investigate the mattress industry and discovered…

There was a “misinformation crisis” in the industry! 😲

In Laura’s eyes, it was a golden opportunity.

She laid out a content strategy built around the same type of “service content” she had produced at Money Magazine to tackle the crisis head-on.

But would this journalistic approach to content marketing work for a mattress company?

And what is “service content”?

Check out today’s Deep Dive for a full breakdown of Laura’s “Money Magazine” content strategy.

By the end, you’ll be able to take your content production to a new level other marketers can’t reach.

Let’s dive in!


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Steal This $5,000,000 “Money Magazine” Content Strategy

Having worked for Money Magazine (owned by Time Inc.), Laura Goldstein knew the power of sub-entities living under a big brand.

So she set out to build Saatva it’s own “Money Magazine”

Instead of building a basic blog on the Saatva website, she built a separate content site that would act as a mini-media site presented by the brand. 

It is called ‘Sleep Enlightened by Saatva‘. 

And even if your first glance tells you it looks like a bunch of other company blog pages you’ve seen in the past, consider this:

The Saatva blog has driven over 2 million in organic traffic and $5,000,000 in revenue for the mattress enterprise.

It’s time to grab your little black book. Let’s investigate how this content empire works.


Editorial Content = Authority

Coming from journalism, Laura knew that being relevant isn’t enough.

Content also needs to be novel to attract and retain a large audience.

So, she built a team of seasoned journalists and industry experts and paid them well.

This unique combination ensured their content is not only informative…

But it also has an editorial touch that “serves” the audience. 

In an industry where every other business created content with the sole purpose of selling their products…. 

The ‘editorial approach’ set Saatva apart from competitors & positioned the company as the authority in the market on all things sleep.

Take-home note 📓

  • Engage Expertise: Collaborate with industry experts or seasoned writers to ensure your content is not only informative but also engaging.


The Balance of SEO and Storytelling

Content needs to be compelling, but it also needs to be seen.

By incorporating SEO specialists into the team, they were able to get their content ranked. And the writers…

Assured the keywords fit seamlessly into the articles to make sure the narrative flow of the storytelling was left uninterrupted (readability is a key SEO factor).

Take-home note 📓

  • Assemble a Diverse Team: a mix of writers, editors, industry experts, and SEO specialists.


Building a Content “Moat”

The Saatva content team regularly engages with different departments to enhance content relevance and depth.

It gathers insights from teams like sales, customer service, and product development. For example…

The PR director pitched content ideas around Earth Day for product launches which was a big success.

Insider information and data built a moat around the content of the big enterprise brand. Few competitors will have access to this type of info.

The team also looked outside to gather feedback from the audience.

Take-home note 📓

  • Establish Contribution Channels: for your teams and for your audiences to add their insights into your content. This information can also inform future content.


Keeping On Trend

The Saatva content team dedicates time and resources to keep on top of the latest trends, ensuring their content remains relevant and timely.

It regularly scours industry news, forums, and communities to see what people are talking about. Because remember…

Where attention goes, money flows.

And the journalists Laura hired know what makes a great story. Even if it seems unsexy to you and me. For example…

One article titled “Do I need a foundation or box spring?” generates roughly $40,000 a month in revenue.

It’s bottom-of-the-funnel content that converts really well.

Take-home note 📓

  • Be Everywhere: make time for yourself or your team to engage in forums and communities, or even webinars, workshops and events. You’ll not only learn your audience’s fears and desires, but you’ll also see which topics and events are playing into those emotions. Which empowers your team to produce resonant content.


Distributing Everywhere

The SEO content for the blog feeds the organic channels, particularly social media, where they get strong engagement. Content is also shared in…

Paid channels.

When they use blog content in their Google search campaigns, it converts at a higher rate and costs much less than sending that search traffic to the e-commerce homepage.

The blog content is also leveraged for email and even transactional email.

When somebody needs a bit more information about mattress height or firmness, they’re pulling the info from the blog. The customer service organization gives out our content when customers call with questions.

They’ve also done personal essays, stories of people who have slept in exotic places on the sides of mountains or in ice caves, and design stories for social media.

Because social media isn’t the place to share informative content; it’s the place to share experiential content.

Take-home note 📓

  • Share Content Everywhere: get the most out of every piece of content you create. Even in paid campaigns with the right targeting strategy editorial blog content can convert really well.


Planning & Tracking With Data

The ROI on content is higher than just about any other channel at the company.

It’s driving roughly $250,000-$260,000 a month in organic conversion revenue. And it’s not by chance…

Saatva doesn’t rely on assumptions, even though it has professional journalists producing the content. In fact…

Every content piece is meticulously measured, analyzed, and refined based on tangible metrics and results.

Take-home note 📓

  • Track & Analyse: to ensure success. Even with high-quality writers using deep research, you still need to see the ROI on the screen to know your content is producing the goods.

Now you probably see why this content strategy generates $5,000,000 in organic revenue, right?

It’s a complete strategy that covers every corner of content marketing. Maybe you can see where your content strategy sits in comparison to this one and have some ideas on how to scale to the next level!

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