The “23 controls” offer launch that made $66K in 2 weeks


Ever wonder how the best marketers strike winning campaigns every time?

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Ever wonder how the best marketers strike winning campaigns every time?

It’s because they run their campaigns like a scientific experiment.

And not a high-school lesson on dissecting a frog…

These are calculated, methodical campaigns.

A “scientific control” refers to an experiment designed to keep errors to a minimum and reduce chances of failure. 

It is specifically designed to mitigate the biggest risks that could prevent success in the experiment.

Potential risks and fail points are what the best marketers consider that the rest often don’t.

They think about every possible failure and put in place “controls” that prevent them from limiting the success of the campaign.

That’s how they knock it out of the park with their campaigns, every time.

In today’s Deep Dive we’ll look at one such “scientific control” offer launch from one of the best in the biz — Justin Goff.

The result was $66K in under 2 weeks, for a $197 marketing course, using 23 “control” emails to ensure success.

Let’s dive in!


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The “23 Controls” Offer Launch that Made $66K In Under 2 Weeks

The image above shows the 23 “control” emails Justin Goff sent for his recent $66K campaign.

The offer was a course on how to use a “pocket change” offer to build your email list.

Below we’ve dissected the winning elements of each “control” email into 23 snack-size breakdowns.

One of this generation’s best marketers baked so many powerful ideas and techniques into these emails so you’ll want to pay attention.


The principles at play are universal. Get the essence of it and you can twist them up to suit your offer, audience, and market.

And note…

Justin ran this campaign side-by-side with a partner (whose results were quite different. Reason why revealed below.) 

It all started with a pre-launch survey (yes, he actually used the survey in the campaign sequence.)

1. “A look inside how I think about creating offers.”

Justin ran a pre-launch multi-choice survey to his list. He presented 6 options for the same offer (mostly), all focusing on different angles. 

“How to build a massive email list with low-priced, “pocket change” offers” came out on top.

2. “Why 2023 is the best year to [TAKE YOUR OFFER]”

Classic marketing angle that persuades prospects to consider your offer now.

The email talks about the benefits of building an email list.

3. “Advice to my younger self”

This email positions the seller as an authority. It convinces readers Justin is a trustworthy source to buy from.

4. “[X PERSON] got [RESULT] from [YOUR OFFER]”

Justin was able to include case study results for a new product.


The promotion was done in collaboration with another marketer who had used the offer strategy with success.

And another reason…

5. “How [SPECIFIC PERSON] got [RESULT] without [OBSTACLE]”

This was another case study result taken from the internet.

He analyzed a campaign run by another unaffiliated marketer that was using the strategies taught in the course. 

6. “[RESULT] with [SIMPLE TOOL] (here’s how)”

Talks about how he once used the strategy taught in his course to get a result.

7. “[UNDERDOG] achieves [BIG RESULT] in [DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES] (here’s how he did it)”

In this email he talked about a marketer he knew who used the strategy.


This email talks about how big companies monetize their email lists.

9. “The case against [OFFER]”

This one’s adventurous. You address a common objection with your offer by highlighting a “superior” alternative. But then… 

You highlight the limitations of that alternative that the offer doesn’t have.


A breakdown of a use case of the offer with pictures.


Tells the stories of one person failing to get a desired result vs someone succeeding. 

The subject line was: “analyzing an offer that flopped vs one that brought in 320k buyers”

12. “[UNDERDOG] achieved [RESULT] for free”

Tells the story of a “noname” copywriter building a 38K email list for free using the offer.

13. “How you can get [BIG RESULT] even if [YOU HAVE LIMITATION]”

Another email that answers a question from the audience.


The subject line is “4-min video brings in 300+ buyers a day (here’s how)”

The email breaks down the real-life example of the offer achieving a specific result.


Subject line: “the Chinese man behind some of the biggest offers from 2020-2023”

The email tells the story of the partner in the promotion. This story formula can be twisted to match your offer.

You can tell a story about something directly tied to your offer to make it interesting.


Subject line: “why the TSA hated this popular pocket change offer (they confiscated thousands of them)”

If you have a crazy story about your offer, be sure to tell it then conclude the story to say why the reader should buy.

17. “Is this the same as X?”

People naturally put things in a category bucket. For example, if I say “ChatGPT”, you probably store that in the AI bucket in your mind.

You want to avoid your offer being put in any bucket by your audience. It should be totally unique, otherwise it’ll be compared to alternatives and lose its desirability.

18. “[BIG RESULT] in [TIMEFRAME] with offer (here’s how)” 

This email overcomes the objection that the offer could only deliver small results.

19. “Why you should NOT do [SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE]’

Addresses a prospect objection: “Why don’t you use this strategy for your list?”

Justin explains why his strategies won’t work for most people.


Addresses the pros and cons of the offer and its alternatives.

21. “[X NUMBER] of examples of [OFFER] that are working right now”

Simply lists examples of the offer in action.

Email finishes with a bit of narration on why marketers use the pocket change strategy.

22. “This expires in 4 hours”

Reminder to claim the offer before its closing date. Plus…

A description of the offer in plain English. And a list of its strongest selling points.

23. “Lessons learned from [OFFER PROMOTION]”

Justin is completely transparent about his campaigns. He reveals all of the numbers and everything he did behind the scenes.

He even shared a mistake he made in the promotion – not fully knowing the list of his partner, whose parallel promotion fell flat.

It can seem a bit overwhelming to know it takes 23 emails for the launch of a $197 product. But that’s marketing in a competitive world…

By addressing every objection and sales angle you get the most bang for your buck in your campaigns. Because everybody’s different…

They have different beliefs, interests, likes, and dislikes, so appealing to them all with just one angle limits the potential for your promotion’s success.

But we all share most of the same basic desires. One of which is money. And Justin knows this…

Which is why he tied this offer to the outcome of earning money in all of his emails.

And that’s what makes a successful campaign — one that’s built on top of an offer that fulfills a strong desire.


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