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In YouTube’s last earnings call, they announced growth in their ad revenue after it had been falling since September 2022.

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In YouTube’s last earnings call, they announced growth in their ad revenue after it had been falling since September 2022.

Which shows brands are starting to go heavier into video in 2023.

If you want a unique way to be a “first-mover” into the way the most successful brands do video, then build your video ads using “identity selling”.

Human identity is a headline topic right now. Our culture is becoming more and more concerned with our identities. And big brands know this…

That’s why you see identity as a central theme of so many video marketing campaigns nowadays.

In today’s Deep Dive, we break down a masterclass in “identity selling” through video marketing. But it’s not just video…

The marketing tactics used in this video can be applied to any text or audio-based campaign.

Let’s dive in!


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The Travel Jacket that Makes You Want to Run to the Mountains: A Masterful Example of “Identity Selling” Through YouTube Ads

Video is the most powerful “identity selling” tool.

Identity is very emotional. And video communicates through pictures, words, and sounds. So it triggers our emotions in three different ways.

Tropicfeel, the brand that created the video ad above, knows this.

And it used the full power of video to create a cinematic experience not for its target audience, but its target identity.

So let’s explore exactly how they did this. And how you can do the same for your next video campaign.

Identity Selling for the Creative Marketer

Everything in the ad above appeals to the traveler identity, from the locations to the look of the actor model. This is intentional…

It allows the prospect to see themselves using the product.

So the scene is set. Then the video does what all great Hollywood movies do…

Goes straight into the action.

The start of the video instantly shows a transformation from before using the product to after; he starts in a humble setting and then is transported to a mountaintop. With the tagline…

“The All-Possible Travel Jacket”, which appeals strongly to the travelers’ strongest emotions and desires. You can use this formula for any product or service.

For example:

  • “The Unconditional-Love Children’s Blanket”
  • “The Limitless Sales Training Course”

The ad instantly brings the viewer into the story to capture their attention for the rest of the video.

Make it your own 👣

  1. Look through your customer research to hone in on your target customer’s identity. What are their values? Pains? Desires?
  2. Think of ways you can appeal to that identity in your ad creatives. Everything from the look of the model, to the background, to the copy.

Listing Features With a One-Two Punch

The video script uses a strong copywriting formula called the “so that” which drives the message deep into the heart of the viewer.

When the jacket’s features are listed, “Thanks to hybrid-design technology, the upper graphene half is water resistant and extremely lightweight”…

Most marketers would stop there. But in this funnel, they attach the benefit to the feature, by saying “So you can get wet and stay dry”.

Make it your own 👣

  1. Create a bullet list of all of your product or service’s features, no matter how small (you don’t want to underestimate what could be a strong selling point with the right framing!)

  2. Add “so that” to the end of each bullet and write out the benefits to the target identity.

  3. Keep on writing “so that” until you arrive at the deepest core desire of your target identity – that’s the message that will get the most conversions.

Capturing ALL of Your Audience

The rest of the video shows the product being used in various environments.

Approaching your marketing message through multiple angles, as we shared in a previous edition of the Growth Memo with the “23 Controls” method, reduces the chances of your campaign being a flop while increasing the potential size of its success.

Your product or service likely has numerous benefits. Each appeals to different demographics, needs, and pains within your audience. 

The more you address, the more of your audience you capture.

Make it your own 👣

  1. Dig into your audience research and list out every need, pain, and demographic.

  2. Think of ways you can appeal to each of these in your ad creatives through the copy, visuals, and audio.

Using the Underestimated Power of Demonstration

Demonstration through video overcomes the biggest barrier to sales online: not being able to hold the product.

With video, you can create a scene of your target identity using your product or service.

You can include all of the elements that charm your target identity. Just like in the travel jacket video above…

The product is being shown used in countries around the world in different environments. Taking the viewer to their ideal world.

Make it your own 👣

If you have a product or service demo video…

  1. Watch it with the list of your audience’s needs, pains, and desires.
  2. See where your video appeals to your target identity through the visuals, text, and sound.

If you don’t have a demo video…

  1. Take your list of your target identity’s needs, pains, and desires.
  2. Think of ways to appeal to these through demonstration in the video scenes, the music, and the narration.

If you’re wondering what results these strategies can get your campaigns, remember…

While marketing is a numbers game, the creative side mustn’t be ignored.

After all, it’s the creative power of campaigns that generates the numbers!

Our creativity separates us from the bots. And the more technology weaves its way into the marketing and business industries, the more creative we need to be.

How did you find today’s Deep Dive? Let us know in the survey below 👇

See you in a few days!


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