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If you can be successful with PPC in that niche, you can be successful anywhere.

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Few industries are more competitive, high-ticket, and heavily regulated than the medical niche.

If you can be successful with PPC in that niche, you can be successful anywhere.

Today we feature a case study of a PPC agency that turned around the paid campaigns of a laser surgery client, to get these remarkable results:

  • Impressions 18%+

  • Click Volume 34%+

  • Conversions 67%+

  • Click Spend 14%-

  • CTR 13%+

  • CPA 49%-

In today’s Deep Dive, you’ll discover:

  • The most revealing A/B tests to run (+ breakdowns of the winners)

  • The optimal daily budget for lowest CPA and highest Click Volume

  • The 7-word disclaimer that helped keep regulators quiet

Let’s dive in!


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Getting CPA Down 49% In A Competitive, High-Ticket Niche that Hates Ads

When Captivate took on this laser surgery client, they started with a complete overhaul of the website. It was using an old CMS and wasn’t designed to convert. Then they cleaned up the disorganized Google Ads account.

Captivate was ready to step into the colosseum of a competitive, high-ticket niche that’s covered in red tape.

Walking along the account-ban tightrope

First things first when it comes to the medical niche: regulation compliance is TOP priority.

It’s difficult to make your creative compelling when you’re restricted on your “promise” language. To avoid heat from regulators, Captivate removed promise words like “permanent”, “miracle”, and “quick” from all of the copy.

But they knew that customer transformation is the biggest selling point in the medical niche, and ads that communicate the possible (not “miracle”) transformation perform really well. So they wanted to offer a transformational promise, but this is where the account-ban tightrope is at its thinnest.

Captivate had to get creative. They created a strong balancing stick in the way of a 7-word disclaimer that kept regulators happy:

“Results may vary and are not guaranteed”

This disclaimer was placed on the website, in customer testimonials, and on before & after pics.

Regulators happy. Now into the ads account

Three sub-niches were targeted:

  1. Liposuction

  2. Armpit sweat

  3. Laser hair removal

Captivate created several focused campaigns, ad groups, and keywords sets. Then they ran the A/B tests.

This is how the A/B test winners won

Let’s look at the anatomy of each winning ad.

Ad 1

“Laser Hair Removal in ATL” WINNER (+10.39% Conversions)

“Laser Hair Removal”

When you’re doing bottom of the funnel targeting for a location-based business, location in the headline is crucial. The prospects are ready to explore their options, so most only want to see surgeries near them.

“Renowned Laser Expert Dr. Kulkin. Best Pricing. No Daily Deal Needed!” – WINNER

“No Extra Charge for Brazilian! Best Price. Free Consultation”

Putting authority first for a service that requires a lot of trust was likely the biggest winning element in the test. The ad then overcomes the cost objection. Then another objection that must be important in this niche.

The losing ad is all focused on price. It’s repeated information. And it makes the surgery seem cheap.

Ad 2

“WIFH: Laser Hair Removal

Payment Options Are Available. Schedule A Free Consultation Today” – WINNER (+3.85% Conv.)

“WIFH: Laser Hair Removal

Upfront Pricing. No Hidden Fees. See Dr. Kulkin For a Free Consult”

Payment options must be a strong customer need in this high-ticket niche.

“Pricing” is a “cost” word that should be avoided at all costs (boom!) The phrase “payment options” is a lot more openly inviting than “upfront pricing” which puts a barrier up between the prospect and the offer.

While using the doctor’s name was a strong tactic, maybe the idea of going in to see a person was more effortful than scheduling a consultation online.

Ad 3

“The Facts On Hair Removal” – WINNER (7.69% Conv.)

“Laser Hair Removal Works”

We’re not entirely sure about the reasoning behind the copy for the losing headline…

Anyway, Moving along.

When prospects are researching medical services, they like to know the facts about what’s going to happen to their bodies. That’s why the facts were shared in the rest of the ad copy…

“Lasers reduce hair growth by up to 60%”

As for the losing ad…

“Over 600,000 Procedures Since 2002! Affordable Payment Options Available”

This copy raises more questions than it answers: so what? Payment options with who?

Captivate continued to A/B test and invest in the winners. They managed the campaigns for over a year, combining a new lead capturing mechanism on PPC landing pages and the client got a massive increase in lead generation.

Here’s the final results

The optimal daily budgets were:

  • $27/day – armpit sweat

  • $152/day – liposuction

  • $27/day – laser hair removal

And the full campaign optimization results:

  • 18% increase in Ad Impressions

  • 34% increase in Click Volume

  • 67% increase in Conversions

  • 49% decrease in CPA

  • 14% decrease in Click Spend

  • 13% increase in CTR

While there would have been plenty of campaign optimization carried out in the Google Ads platform, that wasn’t revealed in the case study. So we don’t know how they optimized their targeting and budgeting.

However, from the A/B test results we can see the ad creative formulas that made the biggest impact.

How did you find today’s Deep Dive? Let us know in the survey below 👇

See you in a few days!

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