The “Quiz” funnel that made $50K in one week


The quiz is a game that gets even the most serious adult all giddy and excited. So what if marketers could capture that child-like excitement to sell products?

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The quiz is a game that gets even the most serious adult all giddy and excited. So what if marketers could capture that child-like excitement to sell products?

When we’re searching for solutions to our problems, we take ourselves through a quiz in our minds:

  • What will help me?”…

  • “Where can I find the solution?”… “

  • Is this the right solution for me?”… “

  • Can I trust this person or brand to help me?”…

Now imagine if you could tap into that mental journey of your prospects and guide them to your offer…

That’s what quiz funnels allow you to do.

In today’s Deep Dive we have a quiz funnel that made $50K in sales in less than one week, created by a doctor known as an “intuitive healer” who tapped into the minds of 10,000 of her ideal patients to quiz them into her healing hands.

And no, she’s not an intuitive marketer. In fact, she was reluctant to try this proven funnel framework out of fear of not connecting with her patients. Now she connects with thousands more patients that were previously out of touch.

Wanna see the strategy she used to make that happen?

Then let’s dive in!


The “Almost Magical” Marketing Funnel Strategy

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The “Quiz” Funnel That Made $50K in A Week

Jo Formosa was the reluctant doctor who took online marketing training from ASKMethod, a coaching company created by author of a #1 Marketing Book of the Year, Ryan Levesque.

She followed the ASKMethod’s “Attract, diagnose, prescribe” structure to build the funnel:

  • Attract: the landing page

  • Diagnose: the quiz

  • Prescribe: the video results

We’ll walk through each of these stages in Jo’s funnel. But first, a bit of context.

The Offer: 

  • Health Dynamics is Jo’s health clinic based in Australia. It offers retreats and online health programs

  • The funnel was a 60-second quiz about weight loss that helped people discover their “#1 Metabolism Killer”

  • Users who completed the quiz received a pre-recorded video “prescription” from Jo herself

  • The video included a booking link to Jo’s bootcamps and other health programs

Audience Profile:

  • Because the case study states “she saved on Facebook Ads”, it can be assumed this funnel generated leads from Google organic search on her website.

  • Depending on the search terms, the audience could vary:

Hot if users were searching for Jo or her practice,

Or medium/cold – if the site ranks highly for mid-to-top-of-funnel keywords.

#1: “Attract” Prospects By Targeting Their Biggest Pain

Ask a Question…

If you want someone to answer a load of questions, start by asking them a question! The headline on the landing page above asks an open-ended question that sets the prospects’ mindset into “question-answering” mode.

🎯 Pain-point archery: The headline goes straight to the heart of the prospect’s biggest problem.

They want to lose weight. They’re trying everything. But something’s stopping them. 

Asking the question, “What’s blocking you from losing weight?”, in this way positions the offer not just as the answer, but also as the solution to the prospect’s biggest problem.

Offer One Solution…

The funnel connects “losing weight” to “metabolism killer” with a small amount of copy.

It does this with a simple headline to subheadline formula:

  • “What’s blocking you from [ACHIEVING TRANSFORMATION]?” “Take this free quiz to discover [THE THING THAT’S BLOCKING YOUR TRANSFORMATION]”.

That’s it.

Because sometimes the more information you include, the more questions get raised in the mind of the prospects. If you say with authority “this is your problem, this is what’s causing your problem, this is the solution.” then there’s nothing left for the prospect to do but take action.

The subheadline satisfies the 3 core desires we all share:

  1. Cheap (it’s free)

  2. Quick (60 seconds feels like less time than 1 minute)

  3. Easy (a simple quiz)

#2: “Diagnose” Their Unique Problem

The quiz asks the questions Jo needs to provide a personalized answer for the prospect based on their circumstances.

Prospects will be diagnosed with one of the 5 “metabolism killer” types.

To arrive at the right diagnosis, the quiz asks as few questions as possible and keeps them multi-choice to make it quick and easy for the prospect to get their result.

#3: “Prescribe” the Solution to Their Problem

After taking the quiz, the prospect gets a video “prescription” from a real doctor.

The video replicates the experience of talking with a doctor in real life in all ways, from her clothes to the plain white background.

The CTA links to Jo’s health programs and retreats.

Why This Funnel Generated Fifty Thousand Dollars in Under One Week

The “attraction” presents the one offer that’s quick & easy to obtain as the answer to the prospect’s biggest question. And it presents a new solution to their strongest emotional pain point.

The “diagnosis” gives almost-instant relief of the prospect’s pain. It’s personalized and it’s unique.

The “prescription” provided a personalized solution directly from an expert.

All of these steps of the funnel lead ten thousand prospects to Jo’s health programs.

Quiz funnels are a marketing goldmine that give you:

  1. Zero-party data: audience data that you can use for direct and follow-up marketing campaigns.

  2. Cheap leads: All of Jo’s thousands of leads came without spending a dime on Facebook advertising.

  3. High conversions: quizzes are personalized. And since you own the audience you build you can customize follow-up campaigns.

Fast results: No need for endless content, multiple funnels, or slow organic audience building. Just send high-quality traffic.


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