+300% revenue from “individualized” marketing


You might think the war on cookies is limiting targeting. But what if it’s allowing us to target more deeply?

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You might think the war on cookies is limiting targeting. But what if it’s allowing us to target more deeply?

Soundsnap, an app for sound effects and music, has created a user experience so deeply targeted, that it’s customized to each of its individual users, which increased revenue by 300%.


With first-party data and a simple tool anybody can use.

In today’s Deep Dive, we take a tour through Soundsnap’s “digital home” that makes every user’s experience completely unique to their preferences, behaviors, and even intent.

Let’s dive in!


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How to Get Almost Too Comfortable With Your Customers and Users

Soundsnap has established itself as a state-of-the-art digital home for its customers.

It’s not just a website; it’s a smart habitat that learns, adapts, and personalizes itself to each visitor’s unique preferences.

But the most intriguing part? It isn’t built with fancy enterprise-level software. It uses ActiveCampaign.

With this accessible tool, they’ve evolved from broad personalization to crafting individualized experiences, even as cookies become obsolete.

And the result is an additional 300% revenue

What to tell your friends about individualization 👇

Designing marketing and user experiences to broad personas is the old way. The new way is to create individualized experiences with individual personas based on user activity and preferences of each individual. And new tools are making this possibility accessible to anybody today. 

Let’s go on a tour through the future of user and customer experience.

Sensors Read Your Intent

In this digital home, every customer and user movement and interaction provides data. Soundsnap uses ActiveCampaign’s site tracking to interpret these digital footprints.

Whether it’s frequent visits to a specific page or multiple searches for a particular sound, these actions are captured and analyzed. But how did they make sense of this data?…

By creating a list of keywords related to each of their sound collections. When users search for these predefined keywords, ActiveCampaign tags the user’s profile, triggering an automated email that guides them to a relevant sound collection.

Your Inbox Is Being Watched

The Soundsnap household knows when to communicate with its visitors.

ActiveCampaign’s predictive sending tracks users’ email habits. It sends emails to reach the users at the hours of the day when they visit their inboxes, placing the messages from Soundsnap at the top of the email list as often as possible.

This increased open rate by 20%.

Interactive Panels Are the New Popups

As visitors explore, they’re prompted by interactive panels that gather feedback. Through an integration with ConvertFlow, Soundsnap deploys these interactive panels that act as surveys when a user logs in.

It can then assign a “persona” to each user based on their responses to send hyper-targeted content.

And these surveys aren’t annoying pop-ups. 45% of users complete the survey. 

Every month, Soundsnap aims to publish 2-3 new blog posts for each of its user personas.

All users get an individualized welcome onboardingseries of 3 emails:

  1. A personal thank-you from the founder

  2. A showcase of Soundsnap’s social media channels

  3. A curation of blog posts targeted to the persona

Users are happy to complete the survey because they want to receive content relevant to them.

Cookies Are Being Taken Away, But Replaced By Your Favorite Treat

Soundsnap has showcased the art of creating deeply personal experiences at scale. But this is just the beginning.

Individualization isn’t a trend, it’s quickly becoming the norm.

In a time where most believe the cookie restrictions are limiting targeting, new tools are coming out that enable us to create hyper-target experiences with first-party data.

Was the clampdown on 3rd-party data a blessing in disguise?

Time will tell.

Inspiration for today’s Deep Dive from ActiveCampaign.


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