Magnetize a mass audience of leads with “coral reef” content


Why go fishing for leads when you can have them swim right to you?

Most marketers cast a wide net to catch leads. They cold call, DM and pitch for business.

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Why go fishing for leads when you can have them swim right to you?

Most marketers cast a wide net to catch leads. They cold call, DM and pitch for business.

But the big-fish marketers produce “coral reef” content that magnetizes leads towards them. 

And like any successful business or entrepreneur, they use a proven and repeatable system. 

Today’s special guest has been featured on CNN International, Forbes, TIME, Business Insider AND Entrepreneur.

She’s known as the “viral marketing queen,” and she’s come to share her Viral Content System® with us. It’s gotten crazy results (even for beginner marketers), including over 100K views in just a few days from ONE post, and 97K organic video views.

Let’s dive in!


Get 1,000s Of Leads & 10X+ ROI Without Google Or Social Media

What if your best lead acquisition channel isn’t Google or social media?

A small group of performance marketers faced with the problem of uncontrolled data are flocking to this new way of driving leads. They’re tapping into pre-built audiences FULL of their ideal clients.

And they’re getting 3X, 5X, even 10X+, return on ad spend — without controlling and unreliable algorithms.

They’ve learned that to keep up with the rapid pace of the changing world, they need to adapt.



Magnetize A Mass Audience Of Leads With “Coral Reef” Content

Hey, Katya here, the “viral marketing queen!”

I’ve come to share my proven system for creating a viral content posting schedule with you.

Because when done correctly, your social media presence should be a coral reef garden for you.

If your content is valuable and alluring, it’ll easily grow in visibility. It’ll attract new people, nurture them, and convert them into clients. 

But if it doesn’t have the 5 themes I’m about to show you, your lead audience will be difficult to grow and convert.

The Viral Content System® (5Cs)

Your content should have a variety of themes to attract multiple audiences at different levels of awareness.

This gives you mass visibility and reach.

1. COMMUNITY (Quotes, memes)

This is when you post quotes about your industry, experience, expertise or audience. Just like what you see founders posting on X.

This content is instantly consumable, easily shareable, and has high potential for going viral. 

2. CONVERSATION (Questions, polls, etc.)

Engaging your audience with questions and polls informs your content, and it builds deeper bonds with your audience members.

This content is attention-grabbing, highly engaging, and gains momentum like wildfire.

3. CONNECTION (Your story, philosophy, brand values, principles, WHY) 

Post about topics that matter to you, and you’ll see if they matter to your audience. Once this type of content is clicked, you won’t find a better customer.

4. CREDIBILITY (How to, myths, truths, education, frameworks, social proof)

Show the results you get in creative ways. Make your audience want you for more than your slick visuals and excellent taste in quotes.

5. CONVERSION (Asking for the sale)

Effortlessly. Naturally. Frequently. Make offers that land you clients without ever feeling pushy or yucky.


Now that you know what type of content you should create, here’s how you can use it to plan your content.

The ideal content plan consists of:

  • 20% Community

  • 20% Conversation

  • 20% Credibility

  • 20% Connection

  • 20% Conversion

And the easiest way to divide your content like this is to pick a theme day. For example..

  • MONDAYS = Community days to grow your audience

  • TUESDAYS = Conversation days to grow your audience

  • WEDNESDAYS = Credibility days to nurture your audience

  • THURSDAYS = Connection days to nurture your audience

  • FRIDAYS = Conversion days to convert your audience

  • And on the weekend, post whatever C you want, or don’t post at all!

Repeat this structure 4 times and you’ve got yourself 28 days of viral client attracting content that strategically grows, nurtures and converts followers into clients and customers!

So now you might be wondering… “How do I create this content?”

It’s straightforward, and it’s quick. You can have an entire week’s worth of content in just 20 minutes.

If you want me to walk you through this system step-by-step, watch my free workshop.

I also created a pack of proven templates for each content theme. They’ve been used to magnetize massive audiences for 10,000+ entrepreneurs since 2019 (and they’re still working today.)

With this special link, I’m offering Growth Memo readers 70% off. So you can easily produce virality-optimized content for less than the cost of a meal at a cheap restaurant.


Hope to see your content soon!

— Katya


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