The “super buyers” launch that made $41K in 6 days


To blast your launch to the moon , it needs two things:
1. The rocket
2. The fuel

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To blast your launch to the moon , it needs two things:

  1. The rocket

  2. The fuel

One can’t work without the other, but even if one is failing, you can get your launch back into flight with some mid-air “marketeering.”

Master marketeer, Justin Goff was recently in a launch that was crashing down because both the rocket and the fuel were failing!

And even though the launch was just 6 days long, he managed to course correct and generate $41K from 223 sales.

Join us in today’s deep dive as we show an action replay of Justin’s mid-air marketeering that saved his launch.

Houston, we (almost) had a problem!

Let’s go ⬇️


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Free-Falling Launch Crash SAVED By Masterful “Marketeering”

Justin’s recent launch was a collab with underground marketer Jordan Hall, who’s created offers that get 1,000 buyers/day (NOT a typo) and have run for years.

The launch was for a webinar that showed Jordan’s holistic view of his unique approach to wealth and deal-making.

The webinar was well-suited to Justin’s audience, and Jordan’s $15K annual mastermind was a desirable product. They expected at least 20+ to enroll, but…

Just 6 people signed up.

The response was SO low, it almost insulted the high-profile marketers who were used to knocking launches out of the park. 

So they had to figure out what went wrong…

Fixing The Rocket

While the webinar didn’t convert as well as they planned, the duo did receive a ton of positive responses about one part of it…

Everybody wanted to know more about Jordan’s “hidden email profits” strategy.

This gave Justin a revelation: “What if we do a paid training teaching a simplified version of what you teach in your mastermind?

We’ll sell the paid training, and then if people like what you teach there, and they want to work with you further, they can join your mastermind.

Jordan: “Sure!

Instead of selling the mastermind, they started selling a piece of the webinar for $197.

This paid training “rocket” was better than the mastermind “rocket,” but they weren’t back on-course just yet…

Adding The Fuel

The main thing that fuels a launch is its hook.

Having created thousands of hooks before, Justin was confident the “uncovering hidden profits in any email list” hook would do well.

While it seemed compelling initially, as the launch progressed he soon realized it was too generic. And because it was unclear, interest was low.

So he climbed into the launch cockpit and got to work marketeering some new hooks. 

The one that landed was “finding super buyers in your list.” Super buyers are those few customers who spend more than 80% of the rest. 

This hook was clear, unique and desirable. And the results showed…

With the rocket fully fueled, the $197 training was sold to 223 customers, earning Justin and Jordan $41,000 — all within just 6 days.

Plus, some people also signed up for the $15K mastermind!

Mission Debrief

  1. What you’re selling needs to match the audience: A mastermind will sell differently than a Zoom training, which will sell differently than a 6-week course. If you have a topic you know people want to learn about, find the right “rocket” to productize the topic.

  2. Don’t be lazy with your hook: How you position your offer is the “fuel” for your launch. Justin found out the hard way that, if you’re lazy and don’t test it with your audience, your results will suffer.

And the biggest lesson that marketers learn time and time again is… 

No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t position it and present it in the right way, your audience WON’T buy into it.

Because remember, they’re not just buying the product… they’re also buying into what it promises and how it’s delivered.

So, the next time you’re gearing up for a launch, or if you’ve already started one and it’s falling flat…

Remember to test both your rocket and the fuel to blast it to the moon!


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