Ed Mylett’s PR agent’s secret to getting on TV


How cool would it be to have your own TV ad?

You’d instantly become the young Tony Robbins of your niche.

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How cool would it be to have your own TV ad?

You’d instantly become the young Tony Robbins of your niche.

If you think this sounds out of your reach, what if we told you that we’ve got the PR agent who made Ed Mylett famous here with us today?…

Ulyses Osuna from Influencer Press has come to share how you can get on TV for just a few hundred bucks. 

It’s a proven method to bypass all of the traditional press requirements. No persuasive pitching or star credibility required.

If you want to be like Benjamin Franklin using his face as a $100 bill, then let’s head to today’s Deep Dive! 


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Ulyses Osuna is the founder of Influencer Press, an agency with the sole purpose of helping service-based businesses get their prospects 82.3% sold before a sales conversation using the art of pre-influence.

Securing A TV Segment Within 48 Hours:
The Simplest, Most Direct Path

In traditional press, earning media coverage often demands credibility and a compelling pitch.

Journalists and editors look for stories that capture their readers’ attention and provide value. However, when you opt for a paid TV segment, you can circumvent these hurdles.

Without credibility…

Traditional press may require you to establish your credibility or authority in your industry. In contrast, with a paid TV segment, your primary requirement becomes financial. 

You can essentially buy your way into the spotlight (for just a few hundred bucks).

Or a compelling pitch.

Convincing journalists or editors of the newsworthiness of your story often requires a persuasive pitch. However, with a paid TV segment, the focus shifts from convincing gatekeepers to budget allocation.

You’re investing in airtime, which allows you to share your message without extensive persuasion efforts.

TV advertising can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. You have to measure opportunity cost and how much you’d pay your team if you tried doing it organically.

8 Steps To Get On TV For A Few Hundred Bucks

Now, let’s delve into the strategic steps that advanced marketers can follow to secure a paid TV segment effectively:

1) Identify Target TV Stations

Begin by doing thorough research to identify local TV stations that align with your target audience or geographical area.

Look for stations that offer opportunities for paid segments.

2) Contact The Stations Directly

Reach out to the selected TV stations via phone, email or their website’s contact form.

Express your keen interest in securing a paid TV segment and request detailed information on the process.

3) Understand The Costs

Engage in open discussions with the TV station’s representatives regarding budget options.

Inquire about their pricing structure, which may depend on factors like airtime duration and additional services.

4) Negotiate & Secure The Spot

Utilize your negotiation skills to reach mutually agreeable terms with the TV station.

Finalize the financial arrangements, ensuring you meet the station’s requirements for payment and scheduling.

5) Collaborate On Content

Collaborate closely with the TV station’s production team to craft the segment’s content.

Provide any necessary materials or information to facilitate a seamless production process.

6) Airing Your Segment

Once the segment is produced, the TV station will schedule it for broadcast at the agreed-upon time.

Be prepared to monitor and promote the segment when it airs.

7) Leverage TV Exposure

Use the TV exposure to your advantage in your marketing efforts.

Incorporate the TV segment into your website, social media profiles, and other promotional materials to showcase your brand’s increased visibility.

8) Explore Ongoing Opportunities

Recognize that securing one paid TV segment can serve as a foundation for future opportunities.

Consider exploring: 

  • Partnerships with other TV networks

  • Cross-promotional collaborations

  • Recurring appearances to further solidify your brand’s presence on television


It’s Not Just Exposure. It’s Credibility, Magnified

Securing a paid TV segment offers advanced marketers a unique and accessible way to gain visibility and recognition.

By following the steps above, you can effectively secure a paid TV spot. Then, leverage the exposure it provides and continue to expand your brand’s presence in the television space.

Today’s Deep Dive was brought to you by Ulyses Osuna. If you’d like him to walk you through his direct TV appearance strategy, he’s provided his personal booking link for Growth Memo readers (at no charge).


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