The genius behind Russel Brunson’s funnels (landing page secrets inside)


Stealing is a felony. Stealing smart is an art.” — Brian Kurtz, marketing master from the golden era of advertising (1970-1990).

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Stealing is a felony. Stealing smart is an art.” — Brian Kurtz, marketing master from the golden era of advertising (1970-1990).

Reading high-profit landing pages from the best in the business gives you some good ideas. But to use what they have in your own pages, you need to know what makes them work.

Lying hidden under every landing page is a buyer journey map.

This map has copy and design “conversion checkpoints” that tap into the unconscious mind of readers and lead them to the sale.

In today’s Deep Dive, we’ve been gifted a proven 10-step buyer journey map from one of the best (exclusively for Growth Memo readers)…

It’s from Gusten Sun, who’s made over $1M organically from funnels. And he’s built 500+ funnels for the likes of Russel Brunson, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

Let’s dive in! ⬇


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The 10-Step Buyer Journey Hidden Under Gusten Sun’s “Idolizer” Landing Pages

The best thing about experts like Gusten is they’ve built, tested and iterated funnels. So we can skip the mistake-making phase, copy their format, and design it for our market, offer and style.

We’re going to skip the guessing game and get straight to the formula that’s proven to get results…

Gusten’s “Idolizer” landing page that turns everyday readers into idolizers of any product, personality or offer.

The map’s starting point is the headline promise.

Step 1: This Is My Promise To YOU

The promise is the desired outcome of the reader. The transformation your product, service or offer can make in their lives.

Pre-headline = WHAT IT IS AND WHO IT’S FOR

Headline = The Desired Outcome and/or Fix This Problem

Sub-headline = Overcome The Main Objection

Step 2: I Understand Your Pain, I Was Once There Myself

Showing empathy is one of the most powerful conversion techniques.

It starts with understanding their pain

…then telling them the “stakes”, i.e. why they should care about this

…develop a connection by talking about your journey (that’s the same as the reader’s)…

And say you’ll be the one to support them.

Step 3: This Is Your (One & Only) Solution

At this point, there’s a missing link between the reader’s current situation outlined above and their desired outcome.

Your process, product or offer is what will get them to the outcome predictably.

Show proof here how it has done the same for others like the reader.

Step 4: It’s Your Only Solution Because…

Your reader has heard similar promises before. And they may have been burned.

That’s why you need to show how your way is better than the others. Use comparisons to the old ways.

Step 5: This Is Why You Should Listen To Me

Your unique selling proposition (USP) starts with why you’re qualified to transform the reader.

The uniqueness comes from what your product has that others don’t.

And you turn its features into benefits PLUS the impact on the reader’s life as a consequence of the benefit.

Step 6: With Everything You’re Going To Get, It’s A No Brainer

Your offer needs to be so good the prospect should feel stupid saying no.
— Dan Kennedy

Position your product as a no-brainer:

  • Packaging — The format, title and positioning of the product.

  • Offer stack — Show everything they’ll get, including all the bonuses.

  • Price anchoring — Show the regular price compared to the current.

Once they know what they’re getting, you can add the “closing” elements to get them to buy…

Part 7: See How Others Have Transformed Their Lives

Principles of influence number 6: social proof.

🧑 Customer testimonials

⭐ Ratings & reviews

📺 Press features

Part 8: I’ll Take Away The Risk

No matter how much authority and proof you show, the reader will always have a fear of being tricked. So you need to eliminate that fear in at least one of 3 ways:

  1. Guarantee 

  2. Payment plan

  3. Free or low-cost trial

Part 9: This Was My Transformation Experience

No matter what you’re selling, the reader needs to trust the person behind it.

The trust-earning formula goes like this…

…First, you highlight what you or your client accomplished

…Then, you talk about how you or they almost quit, but then the discovery was made

And you finish off with the result… “Because of this new discovery, here’s how my life changed…

Part 10: Ready To Act?

When the reader has reached the ‘X’ on the buyer map, you need to give them a final push to dig for the treasure.

  • If your price reduction has a time limit, show that clearly

  • If your offer is about to close, show that clearly

  • If the bonuses are about to be taken away, show that clearly


One or a combination of these elements should build the urgency within the reader to act. But this makes them feel anxious…

To overcome that anxiety, finish with a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that kills off the objections flying around in their head, so they can calm their logical mind and make the purchase.

There’s 10 Steps For A Reason

When you’re reviewing high-performing funnels, always remember one thing…

They convert because everything in them works together.

There’s not one element that makes a funnel successful. Sure, some have more impact than others, but it’s how all of the steps lead into each other that directs the reader to the sale.

When building out your “Idolizer” sales page, you can play around with the elements. Chop and change. Make it yours.

But be sure to include all 10 steps.

That’s all for today. Keep growing!


The content for today’s Deep Dive was provided courtesy of Gusten SunHis course teaches people how to use what he learned building funnels that have made over $1M organically. Including for top products and people in the world like Russel Brunson, Dean Grasiozi, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins.


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