Automate your product sales with an auto sales funnel


While you hold off on the webinars and events over the holiday period, you want something driving revenue to keep your business going.




While you hold off on the webinars and events over the holiday period, you want something driving revenue to keep your business going.

What if instead of launching a webinar or event, you could build a funnel that sells your product or offer for you…?

Something real simple.

A landing page with a 2-3 minute sales video connected to an order form.

Wanna see how it’s done?

Let’s deep dive ⬇


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Automate Your Product Sales With An Auto-Sales Funnel

This funnel works for $100-$1,000 products, so whatever you have to sell within that price range is good to plug and play.

It’s best to have a warm audience, so we recommend one (or more) of the following lists to target:

  1. Long-term customers

  2. Recent customers

  3. Long-term followers

The right list for your auto-sales funnel is based on what you’re selling and who it’s best matched for. But you’ll get the biggest ROI from your long-term customers.

To design your page, you can use the “Idolizer” landing page format we shared in Issue #59. Or use an existing page.

If you’re building a new page, you can use content from your blog, lead magnets and PDFs. 

Because this is for a warm audience, your page is essentially going to answer all of their objections that’s stopping them buying your product.

Quick-build shortcut 🏃

If you’d prefer not to spend time copying and pasting content, you can plug information about your product and audience into ChatGPT and have it provide content for the sections below.

1)  Who You’re Selling To

This funnel works best with highly-targeted audiences. Your customers who’ve bought your chosen product or similar products in the past are most likely to buy.

For a new audience, you can segment your list based on who shares similar behaviors and demographics to your customers.

For max conversions, have different landing pages for customers and non-customers. Non-customers will need longer pages with more sales messaging. 

Now that you know who you’re selling to, you can start to fill out your landing page.

The following sections are all of the checkpoints you need to guide your prospect through the buyer journey.

2) Their Transformation

What change will your prospect experience after using your product?

This transformation may be unique to each list you target, as well as your product’s function.

3) Even If _________.

One of the biggest objections people have to buying any product is, “Sure, it worked for them, but it won’t for me.”

This is where the “even if” formula works its wonders. Your prospect’s biggest limiting belief fills the blank.

For example, if you’re selling a financial planner kit to people who don’t believe they can organize their finances, you can say…

“Keep On Top Of Your Finances Even If You Spend Wastefully”

Once you’ve knocked down their biggest objection, they’re ready to start their buyer journey through your landing page…

4) Why?

This is where you talk about their problems to show them you understand. Again, the more specific you can be to the audience, the more your page will convert.

5) How?

How does what you’re selling help your prospect get from their current situation to their dream destination?

6) Without _______.

What’s something they’ve tried before, and why didn’t it work? This could be the product you’re selling. If that’s the case, to overcome this objection, sell them on why your product is different.

7) Benefits

What will be the results of their problems being solved? Focus on the feelings when describing this experience.

8) Where?

Where do you start serving your prospect, and where does the path lead?

Talk about the situation they’re in, how you or your product meets them there, and where you or your product will take them.

9) When?

When can they start working with you? This is where you lead the prospect to your sales video.

Your Video Closes The Sale

Your video only needs to be 2-3 minutes long since the prospect has been pre-sold on your landing page.

Your video closes the sale. Overcome any final objections and tell the prospect how they can get your product or take your offer.

You can find your customer’s objections in your customer service messages, client calls, in forum conversations about your product, and even on Amazon book reviews for books about your product’s topic.

Link your final CTA to the order form and that’s it!

An overview of the process:

  1. Create your list: long- or short-term customer, or long-term follower

  2. Gather your content: for each section of the landing page

  3. Build your pages: for each audience segment

  4. Add your video: to overcome objections and close the sale

  5. Connect to order form: to automatically process orders

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The content for today’s Deep Dive was provided courtesy ofGusten Sun. He’s built over 500 funnels for top products and names like Russel Brunson, Dean Grasiozi, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins.


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