Turbocharge funnel conversions with atomic AB tests


Do you remember much from high school science? If not, you might need a refresher to optimize your funnels.



Do you remember much from high school science? If not, you might need a refresher to optimize your funnels.

Because, funnel optimization is a science. And like all sciences, to make groundbreaking discoveries, you need to know how to experiment. 

A big part of AB testing is missed by many marketers. Which means they’re getting minimal ROI from their funnels.

But the good news is, when you have a basic foundation for your AB tests, your small optimizations can get huge results.

In today’s Deep Dive, we give you 5 easy steps to set up atomic testing. And 6 atomic tests you can do right now to spike your funnel conversions.

Let’s dive in! ⬇


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Turbocharge Funnel Conversions with Atomic AB Tests

You can set up atomic testing in 5 easy steps:

  1. Start by defining your business objectives and funnel goals, then identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and target metrics. 

  2. Install tools for heat maps and click tracking like Hotjar (no affiliation), and web analytics to gather data.

  3. When you get your data, prioritize the important results and write out what you think it shows. Then create your tests from these findings. 

  4. Set a sufficient test duration to avoid false positives and gather meaningful data — at least one full week if you have the time.

  5. When you look at the results, check for statistical significance. Anything less isn’t enough research to base decisions on.

Alright, now you know the basics, let’s look at 6 atomic, proven tests you can set up right now to spike your funnel conversions.

1) Positive vs. Negative Headlines

“Get a six pack in six weeks” vs. “Lose six pounds of fat in six weeks.”

Things to bear in mind with headline tests 🧐

  1. Have a clear goal — clicks may not get the business result you want. High-quality conversions may be a better metric.

  2. Headlines can have a limited lifespan. If you’re testing for a product launch, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough time to get significant data. So it’s best to test headlines for evergreen funnels.

2) Benefit CTAs vs. Action CTAs

“Secure your free ticket” vs. “Register now.”

The power of CTA copy 💥 

Ruokaboksi, a Finnish meal-kit subscription service, decreased their landing page drop-off rate by 18% by simply changing the CTA button text to be more specific to their offer.

They altered the button text from “Confirm order at a discount” to “Confirm trial box order.” This aligned the CTA with the landing page message. The result? Reduced customer acquisition costs while maintaining the same ad budget.

See how powerful these atomic tests are?

In the following tests, you’ll see not just how to increase conversions, but how to avoid a common mistake that instantly devalues your offer…

3) Sales Video vs. No Sales Video

You can test with and without a video at the top of the page. Or if you need a video, you can test the video at the top of the page vs. in the middle.

The power of video💥 

ConversionXL tested video vs. non-video landing pages and got 46% more sales with video. In another test, the autoplay video converted 13% more than the “click to play” version.

4) Price vs. Discount

“The total value is $1,000, but today you get it for $97.” vs. “Total value is $1,000, but today you get 97% off.”

Product bundle warning ⚠️

Research shows that bundling your products together can devalue your offer if you’re not careful. This happens because your target customer compares the bonus products to the main one and instantly values them lower.

To overcome this bias, establish the value of each item in your bundle first, especially the main product. And be sure to drive home the benefits of the bonus products.

5) Reviews vs. Testimonials

“4.5 / 5 stars from 2,500 clients” vs. specific testimonials.

Social proof tip 💡

The highest-converting testimonials include the customer’s name, photo, company, and their role.

6) Embedded Opt-In vs. Pop-Up Opt-In

On-page fields in embedded opt-in form vs. a pop-up form.

For frictionless forms (when you’re selling products):

  • Don’t set particular formatting for the fields — allow users to type how they want

  • Make non-essential fields optional (and highlight that they’re optional.)

  • It’s usually best to have fewer fields to complete

If you want friction to improve lead quality, add an extra qualifying step.

SaaS tool Motive added an extra qualifying step to its forms and increased conversions by 20%.

Learn the Rules Like a Scientist so You Can Break Them Like an Artist

Setting up AB tests properly takes time upfront, but with proper set-up, you can get giant ROI from minor tweaks.

The trouble with running basic AB tests is you probably won’t get statistically significant data. Which basically means you’d be wasting your time, as you won’t know what’s actually moving the needle.

With a solid testing foundation, you can experiment and try to break the rules of conversion optimization.

To recap, these are the set-ups you should put in place in a nutshell: 

  • Define business and funnel goals, set KPIs

  • Install tracking tools

  • Set hypothesis for tests

  • Run tests for at least one full week

  • Only consider statistically significant data

Thank you for reading today’s Deep Dive. We hope you enjoyed it!

The split test variables for today’s Deep Dive were provided courtesy of Gusten Sun. He’s built over 500 funnels for top products and names like Russel Brunson, Dean Grasiozi, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins.


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