Build multiple revenue streams through online communities


Ever taken an online course by an expert in marketing or business?



Ever taken an online course by an expert in marketing or business?

Then you’ll know what it’s like to be in the ecosystem of a community business.

You probably noticed that all of the community businesses built by the top marketers and entrepreneurs tend to have the same model…

With the same collection of products, content, and services.

If you’re an expert in a particular area, why not build your own multi-revenue-stream community business in your niche? You’ve likely already built the majority of products, content, and services in your business or agency.

In today’s deep dive, we explore the blueprint of Gusten Sun’s multi-million dollar community business. You’ll learn how to build multiple revenue streams with just some content repurposing and landing pages.

Let’s dive in!


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The Multi-Revenue-Stream Online Community Business [Blueprint]

An online community business is an entity that generates revenue from multiple sources, including content, products, and services.

It’s separate from your core business or agency, but it can feed your business’ growth.

Building your community business starts with identifying:

  1. Your target customer

  2. The life transformation you’re going to help them achieve 

For Gusten Sun, he helps funnel builders to build their own funnel marketing agency by giving them the products, content, and services he wishes he had access to when he was building his agency:

  1. Resources, courses, and community

  2. Education hub

  3. Super affiliate deals

  4. SaaS product

  5. Personal coaching and mastermind

Let’s explore how Gusten built each of these.

Stage 1: Free Resources and Courses + Community

Stage 1 in building your community business is sharing your business operations.

Gusten built a hub for his target customers to learn his processes:

Gusten Sun’s free funnel-building tutorials blog post

This hub is where he shares short tutorial courses on how he runs his business. It has 5-15 minute videos. Just a screen share with no fancy special effects.

He transcribes the videos into blog posts for text-based content. 

He also shares other helpful resources:

  • Checklists

  • Tutorials

  • Example templates

  • eBook

  • Listicles

  • How to’s

  • Pros and cons of funnel softwares

Gusten also noticed that his target customers like to build SaaS products to help them with their business operations, so he created a free course showing how he builds SaaS products:

All of these resources get his target customer into his ecosystem.

The next stage is for them to continue their education by enrolling into Gusten’s paid University.

Stage 2: Education Hub

Now you’ve given your target customers a taste of what you can provide as their educator, the next stage is to enrol them into your education hub.

This is where you’ll prepare them to start transforming their life.

Gusten created a funnel building University:

He took inspiration from Alex Harmozi’s $100M offer strategy, which is to give your target customer every resource and service they need to transform their life.

Gusten’s University includes

  • 3 funnel-builder courses

  • Tutorials, trainings, and live videos

  • Playbooks, guides, and templates

  • Private community

  • Weekly Q&A coaching calls

  • Bonus masterclass videos and templates

He’s also created landing pages for each of these products as lead magnets for his University.

This is the first revenue stream that generates $995 per customer.

And since he trains his customers on tools, he’s able to build an affiliate income stream.

Stage 3: Super Affiliate

When you’re creating content about your processes, you’ll likely be teaching your audience about the tools you use.

Gusten uses the funnel-building tool GoHighLevel in his training. He’s got a big affiliate partnership that he links to in his education hub content, but he also expanded onto other platforms.

On his YouTube channel he creates content showcasing how he uses GoHighLevel the same way the top 1% of affiliates do:

  • Full in-depth course on using AFFILIATE – “FREE 3-hour GHL Course”
  • Should you use AFFILIATE? – “Should you use GoHighLevel?” video
  • I built X in SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME –  “I Built You a FREE $100,000 Turn-Key Business in 24 Hours”
  • How to achieve X RESULT with AFFILIATE – “10 ways to make money with GoHighLevel”
  • If I had to start from scratch, this is how I’d do it (using AFFILIATE) – “If I Had to Start from Scratch Again, I’d Do This”

All of these videos are resources he can use as lead magnets or sell as info products.

After giving his target customers the education and training in funnel marketing, he provides them with a tool to build their agency.

Stage 4: SaaS Product

Gusten built a platform that allows his customers to build their entire agency, including its CRM, website, and other areas all in one place:

This tool keeps Gusten’s customers within his community’s ecosystem, and earns $97/month in almost-passive income.

With their business set up, all they need is help running it.

Stage 5: Personal Coaching and Mastermind is an inner-circle mastermind for established funnel agency founders.

Applicants need to be earning $20K/month minimum.

Where Gusten’s University provides education and training, his mastermind provides personal and group coaching to help his customers apply what they’ve learned.

Let’s wrap up by reviewing how the online community business is set up.

The Multi-Million-Dollar Online Community Business Assembly Line

Like an assembly line that produces goods, production starts with the materials.

The materials for your community business come from your educational content.

This content can be created from your business resources. For example, you can create templates and guides from your standard operational procedures (SOPs).

It’s best to create videos so you can easily repurpose them into text or audio-based content and info products.

The goods produced by your assembly line are your content and product packages.

For example, your educational content packaged together becomes your educational hub.

Within those packages are your affiliate deals that generate passive income.

By providing all of this educational content, you’re providing for your customers at every stage of their journey, keeping them in your community business’ ecosystem.

In total, Gusten has 4 huge revenue streams in his community business that all feed each other. And two of them are passive.

He’s followed the proven community business model used by the biggest names like Neil Patel, Molly Pittman, and Kim Garst.

If you’re like Liam Neeson and have “a particular set of skills”, then you’ve got what it takes to build your own multi-revenue-stream community business!

Hope you enjoyed today’s deep dive!

See you next week.


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