Grant Cardone’s winning funnel [breakdown]


The best thing about loud entrepreneurs is they bombard us with ads.

They invest tons of capital and resources into building and testing their campaigns.




The best thing about loud entrepreneurs is they bombard us with ads.

They invest tons of capital and resources into building and testing their campaigns.

Which means we can watch their campaigns and reverse engineer the ones we know are generating ROI.

If a campaign has been running for several months to a year or more, then there’s a good chance it’s working. 

We recently took a trip to the Facebook Ad library and found a campaign from the loudest of the loud entrepreneurs — Grant “Mr. 10X” Cardone, that has been running since May 2023.

We know it’s profitable — and we think a century-old marketing principle is the key to its success.

In today’s Deep Dive, we break down the funnel and explain why it works.

Including a step in the funnel that’s a bit unexpected…and maybe even controversial.

Let’s dive in!


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Grant Cardone’s Winning Facebook Advertising Funnel [Breakdown]

The father of direct response marketing, Claude Hopkins taught us a century ago to discover the one, remarkable benefit of the product.

It takes some digging into customer research to find, but you can build entire campaigns on this powerful benefit if you turn it into an “action hook”.

But your “action trigger” hook doesn’t have to be a product benefit. It can also be an idea.

The team at Cardone Ventures discovered an idea that has been profitably generating leads through their funnel for over 6 months.

People Stop and Read Messages that are Timely

The idea is based on a strong pain point for large enterprise-level business owners: employee expenses.

It’s timely since there have been massive employee cutbacks recently. This topic is top of mind for the audience, so they’ll be open to reading this message now instead of the others on more general and less-urgent topics.

💡 Growth takeaway

When choosing your “action hook” think about what’s top of mind for your target audience.

And They Engage With Ones that Have a Quick Pain-Reliever

A calculator quiz is an ideal mechanism for this big idea since the topic is business revenue.

And because it gives an answer to an important question, it gives an instant, first-step solution to the prospect’s pain, which will draw them into the next step of the funnel.

💡 Growth takeaway

Think about what you can give to your target audience that will immediately relieve their pain. 

Also, consider what information they need to know right now to start learning about your offer when designing this.

Calling Your Prospects Out Gets their Attention on Social

The first line calls out the audience – “Business owners, LISTEN UP!”

This aggressive “Mr. 10X” style might not suit your brand voice, so go with what works for your brand.

As long as it’s short and as specific as possible, it should get your prospect to read the next line of your copy.

This call-out strategy tends to work well on social, like in the lazy strategy to launch YouTube advertising campaigns that we shared a few weeks ago.

Specificity Sells

The next line opens with a specific data point the prospect can reference. 

“If you’re not making $250K of revenue per employee, then statistically, you’re destined to fail.”

The prospect can think about how much they’re making per employee and compare to the data point.

Notice how no copy is wasted on the statistical source. Cardone Ventures is a trusted brand, so there’s no need to list the data source.

The stat also preps the prospect for the quiz. They have a number in mind and they want to see if their business is “destined to fail.” 

💡 Growth takeaway

Use one specific data point in your creative that your prospect can easily understand and relate to. Make sure it relates to your “quick pain reliever.”

Questions and Colors Stir Emotions…

(Cardone Ventures Facebook Creative – Image)

⚫ Black is a color of authority.

🔴 Red is an action color.

⚪ White is a color of clarity.

Together, the these colors create a theme of clear action.

It lets the prospect know they’ll get a clear answer to their biggest question if they act now.

And the number scale in the middle mentally primes the prospect to take a quiz.

The questions deliberately leave the prospect at a crossroads so they want to find out the answer.

Open-ended questions take more effort to answer so most would procrastinate. 

These questions have a “yes or no” answer which is a quick and easy pain relief.

💡 Growth takeaway

Choose colors based on how you want your prospect to feel about your offer. And choose image copy based on what action you want them to take.

…But Not As Much As A “Common Enemy” 

(Cardone Ventures Facebook Creative – Copy)

The rest of the copy does a good job at introducing the offer.

It explains the quiz clearly and lists the benefits.

But to add that extra spice, it targets the injustice business owners feel by losing too much of their potential profit through inefficient expenses …

This is a touchy topic when it comes to employees, but the copy does well to stir up the feeling of injustice without stepping on any moral toes.

And since the prospect’s emotions are stirred up at this point, they’re ready to take the quiz. 

But they’re in for a surprise… 👇

Grant Cardone’s Winning Facebook Funnel: The Surprising Closer

We’ve talked a lot about how the hook and creatives get the prospect in, now let’s take a look at the final steps of the funnel.

The quiz is just 4 questions—short answer and multi-choice about the prospect’s business.

On the next page is a sales video and a calendar embed.

It’s funny because you don’t actually get the quiz result…

The video talks about what your Profitability Grade says about your business.

You receive a personally-addressed (but automated) email from one of Grant’s team saying they’ve read your result and they’d like to discuss it on a call.

And then you get another call invite from a different member of the team.

So the quiz result, which is the “offer”, is gated.

These high-pressure sales tactics are typical of Grant Cardone’s style. Because he’s consistent with it on every channel he’s on, he makes it work.

Regardless of whether this is your style, there’s much you can learn from Grant’s strategies and maybe implement them into your funnels.

🦶 Funnel Steps

  1. Start with a timely “action hook”

  2. Quick and easy pain reliever

  3. Sales video and calendar embed

  4. Short call-invite email

💡 Growth takeaways

  • Consider what’s top of mind for your target audience

  • Use your first line(s) of copy to call out your target audience

  • Choose colors based on emotions you want to stir

  • Choose pain reliever based on what you can offer as a quick solution

That’s all for today’s Deep Dive. 

Now, go find out “who’s got your money!”


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