Transform your funnel into a 7-9 figure flywheel


Hey, happy new year! It’s Gusten Sun here.

You may remember me from previous issues when I shared my 7- to 9-figure funnel secrets.




Hey, happy new year! It’s Gusten Sun here.

You may remember me from previous issues when I shared my 7- to 9-figure funnel secrets.

Today, I want to share with you a strategy only the elite funnel marketers know about.

There’s 2 ways to make more money in your business.

I call these the MAC Funnel and MLVC Flywheel.

  1. MAC Funnel — Find the “Max Amount of Customers”

  2. MLVC Flywheel — Increase the “Max Lifetime Value per Customer”

Beginners focus on the first of the 2, the MAC.

Just finding more customers.

I’ve only seen 7- to 9-figure brands working on the second part, the MLVC.

And I’ve done it to generate 7-figures for myself too, so this stuff works.

This is what I want to share with you right now in the Deep Dive ⬇


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Gusten Sun. Gusten has built over 500 funnels for top products and names like Russel Brunson, Dean Grasiozi, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins. This is what Russel had to say about Gusten: “Gusten has become the ‘celebrity funnel builder.’ He’s built funnels for Tony Robbins, for me in the background, for tons of other people. He’s an amazing designer, funnel builder and person.”

The MLVC Flywheel Funnel: One-Time Build, Recurring Revenue

Funnels help your customers see a problem and provide an answer to fix it.

Flywheels move your customers along in your relationship so they stay a customer forever.

Flywheels help turn your customers into promoters of your business, so you get more customers.

And rinse and repeat.

The question is…

How do you attach the flywheel to the “conversion machine,” aka the funnels?

I call this MLVC method the “value optimization framework,” since you’re adding more value to your customers and in return, they become more valuable to you.

The Value Optimization Framework: Part 1

With your customer acquisition funnel in place, this framework on the backend will be your flywheel.

UPSELL Your Customers (AOV — average order value)

  • Immediately show your customer another product after their first purchase to solve the follow-up problem.

Works best when you’re selling something low ticket

  • Offer a downsell with a payment plan to improve AOV.

For example: if the upsell is $147 and they don’t buy it, you can show a downsell with a payment plan for $49 x 3 to increase average cart value

  • Leverage the confirmation page to direct them to the next steps.

Could be a free consultation where you could figure out if there’s a need for more support

CROSS SELL Your Customers (CLV — Short-term customer lifetime value)

  • Invite your customers to a community to hang out

Could be a FB group, Discord, etc.

  • Provide them more free value than others charge for

Show them additional services or products that aligns with their goals

  • Create a community of like-minded people and actually care about them

Encourage them to share wins, ask questions and engage with others. For example: Someone wanting funnel design might also want to learn how to write copy, attend an event or start using a software

Once you’ve got the customer in your ecosystem, you can get them into your recurring revenue model.

The next step is to ascend your customers into lifelong advocates of your brand.

ASCEND Your Customers (Long term CLV)

By now you’ve hopefully solved a few of their problems with free or low ticket offers that have been helpful to them.

  • Identify the most valuable outcome or result you can deliver for them

  • Create a high ticket back-end offer for 1-on-1 access / DFY services

  • Launch an application funnel to filter out and qualify people

Have both the calendar and form they fill out to learn more about them before you get on a call

  • Increase your price to attract premium clients

This will make sure you’re creating a culture of high standards, and you’ll actually enjoy your business

  • Use testimonials and case-studies from your previous offers

  • Use email sequences to nurture and stay top of mind, then invite to back-end high ticket offers

RETAIN Your Customers (CRR — customer retention rate)

  • Offer subscriptions to build MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

  • Give customers payment plans when needed, to retain them longer

  • Keep customers happy by always improving your products and services

  • Plan monthly giveaways or prizes for being an active community member

  • Livestream, engage and connect with your audience regularly

  • Send out a survey to see what people like and what can be improved

IGNITE Your Customers To Become Promoters (CAR — customer advocacy rate)

  • Offer customers an incentive to share your stuff on social media

  • Give them a % of all revenue they bring to your business as an affiliate

  • Make the best affiliates “brand ambassadors” to build a strong community

These 5 steps, when executed well, will scale your funnels like nothing else.

You’ll be able to attract more dream customers and clients.

You’ll be able to generate both active and passive revenue.

And you’ll be able to grow with a flywheel, not just funnels.

Because now you’re just focusing on the ONE thing that fuels everything else.

I wish you the best if you decide to implement this strategy.

Thanks for reading,

— Gusten


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1 Article, 1 Pod

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There are three reasons: 1) Inflation will eat away at your money if you don’t invest it. 2) Large balances tend to lead to undisciplined spending and a lack of attention to finances. 3) As your balance grows, so does the pressure to spend it “the right way.” This is why it’s better to determine what is “enough” for you.

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5 Easy Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Using ChatGPT 

The truth about ChatGPT is you’re limited in how much you can train it. So the simpler you prompt, the better. 

  1. Break up thoughts with punctuation (use “:” for thoughts, use “,” for multiple things, and use “.” when you want a thought to end)

  2. Every additional word confuses ChatGPT, so be minimal with your language

  3. Provide examples of what you want

  4. Tell it what you don’t want

  5. Don’t be too complex

This is how to use ChatGPT on a fundamental level for simple tasks. But it has so much more power. Enough to drive leads to your business with the right strategy.

Thanks for reading

Thank you for reading today’s Growth Memo! We hope you enjoyed it.

See you in a few days!

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