The 1 Email That Gets 100s of Responses


Ever been frustrated by crafting a brilliant email filled with value, personality, and a compelling call to action that fell flat?



Ever been frustrated by crafting a brilliant email filled with value, personality, and a compelling call to action that fell flat?

It’s not fun to say the least.

But there is another type of email you can send that is easy to put together and generates a lot of qualified responses.

In today’s Deep Dive presented by email marketing expert Ryan Carruthers, we’ll break down this type of email so you can add it into your marketing mix.

Let’s dive in!


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1 Email = 100s of Responses

If you could send one email today (and write it before you finish a cup of coffee) that had people replying to it WANTING to work with you….

What would that feel like? 

Sit with the feeling for a moment & think about what it would mean for your business to create interested prospects ‘on demand’.   

Because that’s what I am going to share with you today. 

In fact earlier this week, I sent one email that got 100 replies. 

And not just any replies. 

It was the right kind of people replying. 

People who I can have a conversation with about how my business can support them. 

Sending this email means you must reply to your people. 

If you are lazy and don’t want to talk to people in order to make money, then STOP reading now. 

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up, we can move into the email. 

There are two parts to this email… 

Part 1 – Sending the email
Part 2 – Replying to the responses

We’ll dive into both after the break…..


Part 1 – Writing & Sending The Email

The email is simple, and it’s a reply-style email. 


These are some of my favorites because they aren’t salesy, but they get qualified and interested people in your inbox. 


The email was… 


Subject line:
Do you advertise on Facebook? 


Email Body:


“Do you ever send Zuck some of your money by running ads on FB or IG?


If you have, currently do, or plan to advertise your business through the Facebook Ads Manager, then hit reply and let me know.


I have something for ya.




All you need to do to use this is change a few things to make it relevant to what you are offering.




  • Do you sell handmade products? 

  • Do you run Ironmans? 

  • Do you have a sales team?

  • Do you pay more than $100k in taxes?


Part 2 – Replying to the Responses

I saw a tweet from a good friend Laurel Portie last week that said… 


‘Treat everybody who DM’s you like they’ve just paid you $500 to solve their problem in the next 15 min’ 


That is the frame to assume in a nutshell. 


Reply to the people and ask them:


  • What are they struggling with?

  • How long have they been doing what they are doing?

  • Where they want to be?


Find out what they dislike doing or what they’ve unsuccessfully tried doing in the past.


And then go a level deeper. You can respond with something like:

“So you’ve tried to do ABC. Do you like doing that? Or are you looking for something else?”


Then BINGO! 


You know what they dislike and you know the outcome(s) they want. 


Which means you can position yourself strongly to support them.


Using the “Do you run ironmans?” example, after a bit of convo you could say:

‘So if I can get you running faster, recovering better, reducing your risk of injury AND giving you a meal plan of recipes soooo good even your partner will want to eat them…..would that be a win for you?’ 


If they reply YES, then they are asking to be made an offer   😉 


Pro Tip:


Add all replies to a Google sheet as well or wherever you store info from your market research. 


This is about as good of intel as you can get (and you’re getting it while & making sales at the same time!)


Snazzy, right? 


It’s all over to you now. 


But if you want a bit more support; I’ve also put together a free 15 day email course, that shows you how I built over: 


  • 7,000 email addresses 

  • 13K subs on YouTube 

  • 1.4 million views 


All in a really simple way through creating non-time draining content, getting email addresses, and using automated “best friend-style emails” to move people closer to me. 


Check out the free course here!


– Ryan


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