The Ancient Ad That Made $600k For A Small Online Biz


What if we told you that a decades-old advertising approach could be your ticket to a revenue surge? Yeah, you heard that right.



What if we told you that a decades-old advertising approach could be your ticket to a revenue surge? Yeah, you heard that right.

Sometimes, the old ways are not just golden; they’re wildly profitable.

Today’s deep dive peels back the curtain on a story that seems almost too good to be true. But it is – and it’s brilliantly simple.

We’ll share a revived a 60-year-old ad strategy that turbocharged a small online business with over $600k in direct sales in 2023.

The best part? This isn’t rocket science…

It’s a straightforward, old-school method that cuts through the digital noise to deliver value to the market & cash to your business.

In a world obsessing over the latest online marketing trends, this proves that some classic techniques are still relevant and remarkably effective.

Curious to know how you can replicate this success in your business?

Read on and let’s turn back time to turn up profits! ⬇

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Brad Hart is an author, speaker and mastermind master. 

He helps people launch, fill, run and scale profitable mastermind groups so they can add $250k to their business in 5-10 hours a month of ongoing delivery.

How A 60-Year-Old Ad Generated Us Over $600k
In Direct Sales In 2023

I’m going to share with you how a single ad made us over $600k in direct sales in 2023 & continues to be a key piece of our marketing system now in 2024.

First, a bit of context:

Our company helps people to start, fill, operate, and scale a mastermind group so they can add $250k+ in new business revenue with just 5-10 hours a month needed to deliver.

We’ve built a pretty amazing audience around this topic with an active email list, a Skool group, and a FB group.

Through all the community interaction, we took a page from a mentor of mine and read every single comment.

It borders on obsessive….

But we want to know exactly what people are saying, thinking, feeling, and asking at all times so we can perfect our messaging.

Additionally, we consistently do dive into market research & run in-depth surveys — both of which can increase sales effectiveness by 500%… more on that in a moment.

We are always looking for ways to put all of our research learnings into effect.

One day, I was reading through Ogilvy on Advertising and I found an example of a half-page print ad about the stock market that offered advice from Merrill Lynch.

And I had one of those “Eureka!” moments


The Ogilvy Ad

(Copy of Famous Ogilvy Ad:
What everybody ought to know about this stock & bond business)

The ad essentially was the top X things people ask about stocks and bonds.  The content provided definitions, brief explanations, and introductory advice. 

After sharing a lot of useful info, the ad said that it didn’t have enough space to continue but that the reader could mail in the coupon for a free book that shared even more information. 

People mailed that form in droves. 

That ad grew Merrill Lynch’s business massively back in the day. 

And it was so simple —  just provide answers to questions the market had & then offer to provide even more.

Upon seeing this, I immediately went through our archives and found the top questions people consistently asked about masterminds & turned it into a 2000 word blog post that directed people to pick up my book on the topic if they wanted more. 

I brainstormed and tested a handful catchy headlines (this honestly is where 80% of the results of your copy comes from, so don’t skimp out) and was off to the races. 

I then uploaded the copy of that blog post directly into a Facebook ad that directed readers to my free plus shipping book funnel.

It was essentially a modern version of the Merrill Lynch ad.

People thought I was crazy to run a 2000-word long FB ad. 

“Who would read all that?” 

Well, it turns out the buyers would…


Great Methods of Influence Through Advertising Are Timeless

Just like people read Ogilvy’s ad for Merrill Lynch in newspapers and magazines and then took them up on the offer…

People read our ad in their social media feeds. 

Some bought the book and some of them bought our higher ticket programs. 


A key lesson?

Don’t be afraid to over deliver value right in the ad. 

Figure out what questions people have in your niche most often, and make it an ad that provides value before it leads them to the next thing. You can do this in multiple formats, text, video, audio. 

But answer their most burning questions, and you will immediately add value so that they will want to take the next step with you. 

If you want to learn how my client Sonia increased her sales by 500%, check out this short training now. 


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