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Happy holidays! 🎉 Imagine it’s Christmas day for your ideal client. They tear open a present to reveal a book published by YOU. Sound too far fetched?

While you hold off on the webinars and events over the holiday period, you want something driving revenue to keep your business going.

Do you remember much from high school science? If not, you might need a refresher to optimize your funnels. Because, funnel optimization is a science. And like all sciences, to make groundbreaking discoveries, you need to know how to experiment.

Think you need a Hollywood production team, Venture Capital, and Japanese cartoon-level excitement to launch YouTube ads? (not so).

“Stealing is a felony. Stealing smart is an art.” — Brian Kurtz, marketing master from the golden era of advertising (1970-1990).

Scott Oldford here. Serial entrepreneur, business mentor and owner of 40 online businesses (including the Wisdom Group.) I want to share my Black Friday strategy with you, so you can take note of what you see today…

How cool would it be to have your own TV ad? You’d instantly become the young Tony Robbins of your niche.

Was Batman a fraud? A “superhero” without superpowers… No.