Dino Gomez’s “mini-workshops” that get 5+ clients each


Dino Gomez once invested $36,000 in a program without talking to someone on a call first.

Why was he so confident about this big decision?

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Dino Gomez once invested $36,000 in a program without talking to someone on a call first.

Why was he so confident about this big decision?

The program seller hosted a small workshop where Dino really got to know them. All of his questions were answered, so he signed up.

You might think you need to do big , complex course funnels and launches to give your business massive growth. 

But what if you could instead host smaller, hyper-targeted trainings for “atomic” groups of your dream clients?

In today’s Deep Dive, we simplify launches. We give you the 80/20 “mini-workshop” model that gets ideal clients per live training, without sales calls.

+ Dino’s 4 “Dino-myte” triggers for a spectacular mini workshop!

Let’s dive in!


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Dino Gomez’s “Mini Workshop” Model That Lands 5+ Ideal Clients Per Live Training, Without Sales Calls

Have you noticed that most of your registrants sign up within the final 3 days of your launch?

That’s because, by that time, they know their work schedule for the week. And they’re excited, because it’s almost launch time.

People want things immediately, or they procrastinate. That’s why you need to give them a reason to register early.

One of Dino’s strategies is to give a bonus for signing up.

He’s run 43 live mini-workshops and this has worked for him time and time again. Registration consistency goes up. So do overall registrations.

Mini Bonuses That Get More Registrations & Clients

The 4 main types of bonuses that get the most signups are:

  1. Community access (Facebook group)

  2. Instant bonus video training

  3. Downloadable guide

  4. Cheat sheet

The right one for your launch depends on what you’re offering and the workshop model you’re doing.

Each has its strengths. For example, downloadable guides and cheat sheets do so well because all 7- and 8-figure+ businesses run on efficient systems.

If you do a video training, it doesn’t have to be long. Just 3-5 minutes of highly valuable content.

You can host it on YouTube. You can even reuse a training you’ve already done.

Once you’ve got their attention, don’t let go of it!

Attention is expensive to get and easy to lose. But if you keep it, you can massively recoup your investment.

Most people underestimate the ‘Thank You’ page. But this is prime attention-keeping real estate.

Believe it or not, but Dino rarely has upsells on his ‘Thank You’ pages. Instead, he delivers bonuses, like live case studies, behind-the-scenes, data and statistics.

When you get attention, keep it. Give your prospect a next step.

Provide a code and invite your prospect to a messenger chat

This way, you potentially gain Facebook followers and have 1-to-1 conversations with your prospects.

You increase the chances of them attending your workshop and you build a relationship with them!

Ok, time to unleash Dino’s top 4 “Dino-myte” triggers for a spectacular mini-workshop.

You ready?

Let’s go!

Dino’s 4 “Dino-myte” Triggers For A Spectacular Mini Workshop!

1) Brainstorm Names

Bullet down all of the potential things you can do in your workshop: 

  • Questions you can answer

  • Techniques

  • Tactics

  • Skills 

Example name categories:

  • [Achieve Result in “X” days]

  • [3 Tips to Achieve X result]

  • [How We Achieved X Result]

  • [The First Step to X Result]

2) Test Hooks

Test your hooks on organic channels like email and social media before launching (read GM #49 to learn more.)

3) Content > Funnel

A successful client enrollment strategy is less about “the funnel” and more about the content of the funnel.

Practice the art forms of “connection,” “relation,” “selling” and “timing.”

4) Overdeliver

This part is where the magic happens. Your workshop’s content, the environment you create, the stage you set, and your follow-up process should all give massive value.

But don’t give too much away. You want your core offer to be seen as an even more valuable next step!

Mini Workshops Are Designed To Get A Small Number Of Your Dream Clients

At the end of the day, most marketing is about getting the right clients. Which means leaving out a lot of the wrong clients.

Outline what your ideal client looks like and design your mini-workshop funnel for their specific needs.

Imagine if you landed just one dream client…

What would that do, not just for your business, but for your stress levels and enjoyment?

Try Dino’s mini-workshop strategy to narrow in on your ideal clients today!

Inspiration for today’s Deep Dive from Dino Gomez.


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